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Part # QC003-6 QuikCool Alternator Cooling System with 6 Foot Hose Option



New Revised Design!
Quick Start's
QuikCool Alternator Cooling System™

Maybe you have one of those well designed vehicles like many Fords with the alternator mounted in the center of the engine, where it cooks. Or you have one of those well-engineered vehicles with the alternator right next to the exhaust manifold. Perhaps you've added extra equipment such as car audio, pull a trailer, or have a camper, added off-road lights, radiator cooling fans, have motor home and more, you are putting a strain on your alternator, which creates tons of heat. Check it out, run your extra equipment then feel how hot your alternator is getting, be careful not to burn yourself.

Quikcooler remote rectifier system

Heat Is Destroying Your Alternator

Excess heat is the leading killer of automotive alternators, burning up bearings, bridge rectifiers and voltage regulators. There are many sources of this killer heat. Exhaust manifolds can reach temperatures of up to 1000°F. Even the process of power generation produces heat. These higher temperatures decrease the efficiency of all conductors. Diodes in the bridge rectifier start to fail, robbing your electrical system of power and puts a tremendous strain on all the components inside the alternator. Many vehicles are not designed to give proper ventilation to your high output alternator. This results in easily burned out rectifiers and voltage regulators, the main causes of alternator failure.

This Product Can Help If…

  • Your vehicle sits at idle with little airflow to the alternator, such as on:
    • Police Vehicles
    • Emergency Vehicles such as Fire & Ambulance
    • Utility Vehicles for Power & Gas
  • Your alternator is under higher demand, as with HHO water to gas systems.
  • You have added batteries, power inverters, car stereo systems and more
  • Anytime you put your alternator under higher demand it will overheat and eventually fail , you need this product to help extend the life of your alternator.

Introducing Quick Start's QuikCool Alternator Cooling System

Ventilation is the key. Our unique system provides fresh, cool air to your alternator, accelerated by our powerful high volume fan. The high volume of air helps cool down your alternator, increasing the efficiency, which means more power and longevity from your alternator.

How the Quikcool Alternator Cooling System works

The function is to intake and blow cool air on your alternator to help remove heat. The blower box with its high volume turbo fan mounted in your vehicle outside of the engine compartment in cooler air. One of the best spots is in front of the forward firewall just behind the front bumper or grill area. From there you run the 3" fiberglass tube from the blower unit to the rear of the vehicle's alternator. You want to try to keep this blower tube as short as possible, the shorter the tube the more air volume you will get for better alternator cooling. This cooling device will help keep your alternator from burning up. We guarantee you will take some of the heat out of your alternator with this innovative device.

Don't let heat kill your alternator, kill the heat first!