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QuickCell G2-2



Features of our QuickCell G2-2 unit:

1. 316 Stainless solid and screen plates with special surfaceprocessing providing High Output for 4 cylinders or up to Class 8 BigRigs with Diesel engines.

2. Rugged CLEAR Cast acrylic plastic

3. High HHO Gas Flow Rate ( flow rate varies depending on amount andtype electrolyte used)

4. Wet cell design which limits gas chamber inside upper cell area forsafety.

5. High Thermal Mass volume to plate area ratio which makes cell runscooler

6. Plates can be screen or solid plates or a combination of the two

7. High quality Check valves on fluid in & out connections

8.Starter cell shown above has one negative plate and one positive plateand produces up to 400 ml/min on distilled water and 1/2 oz of bakingsoda.

9. This great cell is expandable in that you canpurchase additional gaskets and plates (shown below) to expand thesystem to what ever configuration you want. We can also customconfigure your design for you, just ask.