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Features of our QuickCell unit:

1. 316 Stainless solid and screen plates with special surface processing

2. Rugged Automotive Proven case design

3. High HHO Gas Flow Rate ( flow rate varies depending on amount and type electrolite used)

4. Wet cell design which limits gas chamber inside upper cell area for safety.

5. High Thermal Mass volume to plate area ratio which makes cell runs cooler

6. Plate stacks separated into 4 chambers to mimimize cell power bleed

7. High quality Check valves on fluid in & out connections

8. SPECIAL BONUS... Purchase our QuickCell and receive, upon request, a FREE 183 page WATER4GAS ebook manual, a $97.00 value. The ebook contains illustrated details on how to best install this cell plus many other fuel saving devices and tips that actually work.

Note: the use of water conversion to HHO Gas to supplement fuel in vehicles is experimental and the use of this
product and any damage that may occur is the responsibility of the purchaser. By purchasing this product you are holding National Quick Start Sales harmless as to any damages real or otherwise.