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# W1201 - Adapts Delco Si Series 2 pin Alternator plug to CS Series 4 pin Wiring Harness Adapter With No Charge Light, NO RESISTOR IN HARNESS



W1201 Wiring harness adapter
Adapts 10SI thru 27SI two pin (flat blade terminal) Alternator Voltage
Regulator Plug to CS130-CS144 4 Pin alternator plug.
For Vehicles that DO HAVE a "no charge" warning light on the dash,
There is No Resistor in this Harness
The CS130 and the CS144 must have a resisted ignition wire
to activate the alternator. If you use a
12volt ignition lead to the "L" Plug terminal to activate the CS
series alternators is will make the voltage regulator fail over time.
It must be a resisited ignition wire to activate te alternator.
The SI series alternator does nto require a resistor at the activation lead.

Reference:W1201, w 1201