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Part No. 91104



Adjustable voltage gives you complete control of your alternator output.Great for 16 volt systems or with battery isolators. Easy hookup with only three wires and your READY TO ROCK. WARNING: DAMAGE TO ELECTRICAL PARTS CAN OCCUR IF VOLTAGE EXCEEDS 15.5 VOLTS, National Quick Start does not take responsibility for damage as the result of the use of this product. Factory Voltage Set Point: 15.0 V Regulation: B-Circuit �� Specialty Regulators �� Self Current Limiting to Protect Against Intermittent Short Circuit �� Load Dump Protection Against Abrupt Full Load to NO Load �� Extra Filter Networks to Protect Against Voltage Spikes �� Adjustable Voltage with Potentiometer Positioned to Protect Against Tempering �� Reverse Polarity Protection �� Epoxy Encapsulated to Protect Against Moisture and Vibration �� Positive or Negative Ground System Compatibility �� All Connections to External Terminal �� All Silicon Transistor Design Complies with Federal Specifications �� Certified "Burn-in Cycle" Qualified �� Adjustable Voltage (13.0-15.5 Volt) �� Compatible with 8 Amp. Rotors �� Stator Activated Terminal Identification: IGN, NEG, FLD

FOR USE ON: Industrial, EMV, Limo, Marine, Police Car, RV, Taxi..