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Part No.501931 Delco OE# 1990347, 1993767, 1993854, Ford OE# E5HT-11001-AA, E6HZ-11002-A, E9HT-11001-BA, E9HZ-11002-A, Lester No: 6398



Starter - Delco type 37MT Heavy Duty Positive Engagement 12 Volt, CW, 10-Tooth Pinion

Used On: Ford Truck 6.6L, 7.8L Diesel

Replaces: Delco 1990347, 1993767, 1993854, Ford E5HT-11001-AA, E6HZ-11002-A, E9HT-11001-BA, E9HZ-11002-A

Lester Nos: 6398

Notes: Solenoid positioned at 300 degrees.

51-165 D.E. Housing
54-170 Positive Engagement Drive
61-143 Armature
62-1600 D.E. Bushing
66-152 Solenoid

Features: 100% New

Heavy duty positive engagement solution for 37MT starters
Eliminates the milling and stop ring & collar failure common on the 37MT design
41MT positive engagement drive
41MT armature with heat treated shaft and welded steel-core riserless commutator
41MT solenoid, 100% tested for coil strength, voltage drop across contacts and 'reserve burnoff' on the contacts
Varnish dipped field coils
Ductile iron D.E. housing
Painted gloss black with zinc-yellow plated hardware
100% computerized load tested

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61-143 Armature, 41MT 12 Volt
62-1600 D.E. Bushing
66-152 Solenoid, Best Value

Reference No. 50-193-1