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# F601 - Standard Duty Voltage Regulator Brush Holder Assembly for 6G Series Alternators. Used On: 2005-99 Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury



F601 Voltage Regulator / Brush Holder Assembly
12 Volt, LI-RC-AS (FR-SIG-A) Terminals, 14.0 Volt set point, White w/ Black Cover*
For: Ford 6G Series Alternators
Used On: 1999- 2005 Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury

Unit Nos: 1L8U-10300-AB, -AC; 1L8Z-10346-AB, 1S41-10300-BB, 2F1U-10300-DA, 2F1Z-10346-DA; 2M5V-10300-AA, -AB; 3W1U-10300-BB; 3W1Z-10346-BA, -CA; 4L3U-10300-BA; 4L3Z-10346-BA, -BB; 4S4T-10300-AC, 4S4Z-10346-AB, 534Z-10346-BA; 5L3T-10300-BA, -BB; 5L3Z-10346-BA, 5L7T-10300-BB, 5L7Z-10346-BA, 5W1T-10300-AB, 5W1Z-10346-AA, 6F2Z-10346-BA, 6L7Z-10346-A, 6W1Z-10346-AA, 7L3T-10300-AA, 7L3Z-10300-BA; 7L3Z-10346-A, 7L3Z-10346-B; 98AB-10300-EB, -FC; 98AZ-10346-EA, -FA; XF2U-10300-AB, -BC, -BD; XF2Z-10346-AA, -BA; XR8U-10300-AE, -AF, -CE; XR8Z-10346-AA, -CE; XW4U-10300-AA, -BA, -BB, -CC, -CD, -CE; XW4Z-10346-AA, -BA, -CC

Lester Nos: 7788, 8253, 8255, 8256, 8257, 8260, 8261, 8264, 8268, 8315, 8318, 8406, 8408, 8418, 8444, 8447, 8472
WAI Ref. Nos: 1-2206-21FD, 1-2248-31FD, 1-2248-32FD, 1-2265-21FD, 1-2338-11FD, 1-2349-01FD, 1-2349-02FD, 1-2350-11FD, 1-2421-21FD, 1-2433-31FD, 1-2539-31FD, 1-2569-11FD, 1-2605-01FD, 1-2668-31FD

Note: Regulation Voltage controlled by vehicle PCM (PWM signal input to RC-terminal)
LI-terminal output provides feedback to vehicle PCM.
Vehicle indicator lamp is fully controlled by the vehicle PCM.
Replaces Ford VP4F1U-10C359-AA, VP4L3U-10C359-AA
white body regulator w/ blue cover.
- Computer controlled voltage regulation
Ref No 35-213, alternator brushes