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# FR1292B - Bridge Rectifier for Ford 1G Large Case and "Blue Back" Alternator



For  Ford 1G Series 70-100 AMP, 1G Series Blue Back Truck 75-90 AMP Alternators
Dimensions:  10-24 Grd. Term., 1/4-20 Batt. Term.
Notes:  Same as FR1292 except FR1292B has threaded stator posts with nuts to attach stator leads instead of soldering
Features:  100% New Transpo
50A press-fit diodes
Copper heat sinks
OE-type hi-temp circuit board
Threaded stator posts w/ nuts
Used On:  Ford (1970-1992) , Lincoln (1972-1985) , Mercury (1972-1991)
Replaces:  Ford D4VY-10304-A, E2HF-10304-BA, E2HZ-10304-A, E2HZ-10304-B, E9DF-10304-AA, E9DZ-10304-A, F0HZ-10304-A, GY1302B, GY1345A, GY1346
Unit Nos:  FORD D22F-10300-AA, D22F-10300-AB, D22F-10346-BB, D2AF-10300-EA, D2FZ-10346-B, D2OF-10300-AA, D2OF-10300-GA, D2OF-10346-BA, D2OZ-10346-B, D2ZF-10346-BB, D32F-10300-AA, D3OF-10300-AA, D3VF-10300-AA, D3VF-10300-AB, D3VF-10346-A, D3VF-10346-BA, D3VY-10346-A, D42F-10300-CA, D4OF-10300-EA, D4OF-10346-DA, D4OZ-10346-D, D4TF-10300-DA, D4TZ-10346-A, D4ZF-10300-AA, D52F-10300-BA, D5OF-10300-AA, D5OF-10300-BA, D5OF-10300-CA, D5UF-10300-AA, D5ZF-10300-BA, D6UF-10300-AA, D7DF-10300-AA, D7EF-10300-BA, D7EF-10300-CA, D7EF-10300-DA, D7OF-10300-AA, D7OF-10300-BA, D7OF-10300-CA, D7OF-10300-DA, D7OF-10300-EA, D7OF-10346-AA, D7OF-10346-BA, D7OZ-10346-A, D7OZ-10346-B, D7UF-10300-BA, D7VF-10346-AA, D7VZ-10346-A, D7ZF-10300-BA, D7ZF-10300-CA, D7ZF-10300-DA, D7ZF-10300-EA, D8BF-10346-CA, D8BF-10346-DA, D8VF-10300-BA, D8VF-10300-CA, D8VF-10346-BA, D8VF-10346-CA, D8ZF-10300-FA, D9BF-10300-AA, D9BZ-10346-C, D9OF-10300-AA, D9UF-10300-EA, D9VY-10346-C, D9VY-10346-D, D9ZF-10300-BA, E1BF-10300-CA, E1BF-10346-CA, E1BZ-10346-A, E1NF-10300-AA, E1TF-10300-BA, E1VF-10300-AA, E1VF-10346-AA, E1VZ-10346-A, E1ZF-10300-EA, E2HF-10346AA, E3ZF-10300-AA, E6DF-10300-FA, E6DF-10346-DA, E6DZ-10346-D, E7PF-10346-PA, E7PF-10346-RA, E7PZ-10346-A, E7PZ-10346-B, E7TF-10300-GA, EZHT-10346-EB, F0PU-10346-HA, F0PU-10346-JA, F0PZ-10346-C, F0PZ-10346-CRM, F0PZ-10346-D, F0PZ-10346-DRM, FOPZ-10346-D; FORDENG D22F-AA, D22F-AB, D2AF-EA, D2OF-AA, D2OF-GA, D32F-AA, D3OF-AA, D3VF-AA, D3VF-AB, D42F-CA, D4OF-EA, D4TF-DA, D4ZF-AA, D52F-BA, D5OF-AA, D5OF-BA, D5OF-CA, D5UF-AA, D5ZF-BA, D6UF-AA, D7DF-AA, D7EF-BA, D7EF-CA, D7EF-DA, D7OF-AA, D7OF-BA, D7OF-CA, D7OF-DA, D7OF-EA, D7UF-BA, D7ZF-BA, D7ZF-CA, D7ZF-DA, D7ZF-EA, D8VF-BA, D8VF-CA, D8ZF-FA, D9BF-AA, D9OF-AA, D9UF-EA, D9ZF-BA, E1BF-CA, E1NF-AA, E1TF-BA, E1VF-AA, E1ZF-EA, E3ZF-AA, E6DF-FA, E7TF-GA
Lester Nos:  7072-9, 7074-9, 7705-12