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Part # CS144-DR CS144 Series Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier Alternator



CS144 Dual Rectifier Alternator

Delco Remy CS144 type Dual Rectifier High Output Alternator

The rectifier is the most common cause of alternator failure. It's the only choice for super heavy duty operation. If you are using your alternator to it's extreme, you must have this alterantor! Alternators produce AC current, just like the current from your house wall outlet. Then it uses a bridge rectifier, typically with 6 diodes, to convert the AC current to DC for the battery and vehicles electrical system. With Dual Rectifiers, you get 12 Diodes, which spreads the current load over a much larger area making the alternator twice as durable and twice as efficient at converting the AC current it makes to DC. The many benefits include: less heat build up, less current loss, higher amperage output when hot, more power at idle. Plus, the service duty and life increases substantially. When the rectifier heats up the diodes won't pass as much amperage through them, therefore, the amperage output drops. With our double rectifier alternator you have twice the amperage carrying capacity and double the cooling surface area to keep the diodes cool. This all adds up to... more power, less heat problems and greater reliability.