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# D1CS144DR170SE - CS144 Series Alternator, 170 Amp, Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier, Self Exciting (One-Wire) Voltage Regulator



Delco Remy type CS144 Series 170 Amp Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier Alternator with Self Exciting (One-Wire) Voltage Regulator. 100% New, NO CORE CHARGE
EXTREME DUTY DUAL RECTIFIER™ The rectifier is the most common cause of alternator failure.  It's the only choice for super heavy duty operation. If you are using your alternator to it's extreme,  YOU MUST HAVE THIS ALTERNATOR!

For GM Vehicles and other adapted applications Offered in 140, 170, 200 and now!, 250 amp versions with many different front housing mounting configurations for a direct fit in your GM vehicle or adaptive fit to many vehicle types. We have helped with many adaptive applications like Busses, Porsche's, Boats, Fords and many others.


Alternators produce AC current, just like the current from your house wall outlet. Then it uses a bridge rectifier, typically with 6 diodes, to convert the AC current to DC for the battery and vehicles electrical system. With Dual Rectifiers, you get 12 Diodes, which spreads the current load over a much larger area making the alternator twice as durable and twice as efficient at converting the AC current it makes to DC.  The many benefits include: less heat build up, less current loss, higher amperage output when hot, more power at idle. Plus, the service duty and life increases substantially. When the rectifier heats up the diodes won't pass as much amperage through them, therefore, the amperage output drops. With our double rectifier alternator you have twice the amperage carrying capacity and double the cooling surface area to keep the diodes cool. This all adds up to......


Direct fit to the following popular Lester numbers:

7802, 7861, 7864, 7894, 7901, 7918, 7921, 7977, 8103, 8112, 8160, 8163, 8165, 8172, 8173, 8203, 8206, 8216, 8219, 8221, 8227, 8231



Read below to see if you need a wiring harness adapter

Universal Alternator Brackets and Accessories  Makes Alternator Adaptation easy
Remember, you don't pay a core charge so you get to keep your old alternator. 
Contact us if your not sure of your application.
A great choice for installation on non-GM vehicles and other conversions. 

NOTE: All alternators come complete with the pulley type specified for your vehicle. Please note your vehicle type in the "customer comment" box at the end of the order process. To specify special pulley types, other than stock, for special applications, also use the "customer comment" box.  A variety of pulleys with 17 mm center hole, including 4,5,6,7 and 8 groove serpentine type or  3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch wide single V-belt type or with 1/2 inch wide double V-belt type can be installed.

Self-Exciting Alternator: Is an alternator that uses a special voltage regulator that doesn't need an ignition wire to activate it.  This type alternator only requires a battery wire hooked to it. The voltage regulator contains circuitry that uses the residual magnetism in the alternators fields to determine when to turn the alternator on. The regulator does this by sensing the RPM the alternator is turning, when it gets to a certain rpm the voltage regulator "turns on". Typically you start the vehicle, with the SI series you must rev the motor slightly then alternator starts charging, with the CS series you do not need to rev the motor, the alternator starts charging right away.