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CS-130 type "Iceberg" Alternator



What is an "Iceberg" Alternator?
If you own a 1987 thru 1995 GM vehicle, the "Iceberg" is for you.

The "Iceberg" Alternator (alternator on left, top photo) is your best defense against heat related failure of the Delco-Remy CS-130 type alternator. The "Iceberg" Alternator is only built or supplied by authorized re-sellers using only top quality components. To truly be an "Iceberg" Alternator it  must also use the Patented "Iceberg" finned rear  housing for better cooling of the alternator's internal components. Click here to check out the "Iceberg Alternator " conversion kits.

The "Iceberg" housing gets the Heat Out!              

The thermal imaging photo shows a standard alternator (left side of photo) compared to the "Iceberg" Alternator(right). Both alternators were subjected to the same amperage load. As you can see, both alternators glow white hot on the inside, yet the original style alternator on the left is quite dark and cool looking in the area of the heat producing rectifier (the half round dark area). The "Iceberg" Alternator(right) shows much hotter in the same area, illustrating how the fins draw the heat out of the alternator. The original style alternator traps heat inside. When the heat can't get out, it builds up inside the alternator and leads to higher internal electronic component temperatures, which will ultimately result in premature alternator failure.