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Part # AD244-HD250 TOP QUALITY AD244 Series, Extrem Duty, 250 Amp Alternator



Our brand new AD series AD-244 type alternators are constructedusing the highest quality components available. The larger AD-244alternator produces more power at lower engine speeds compared to thesmaller AD-230 or any other small alternator. Plus the larger AD-244alternator is much more reliable at higher amperage output and extremeloads.We have made great improvements to the design of our AD-244alternator. It is by far the best high amp alternator available on themarket today. Our continuous development and striving to be the bestwill assure you'll receive an alternator with unsurpassed performanceand durability.

ad244 comparison quarter profile

The Larger AD-244 will bolt directly in place of your existing 100-105amp AD230 alternator without any modification. It is recommended thatyou upgrade the battery wire that connects to the rear of youralternator. You need a bigger wire to get the power out of thealternator and into your battery and electrical system. Our newgeneration of AD-244 are equipped with a heavier "copper" heat sinkrectifier and oem quality regulators that just do not go bad! Alongwith perfectly balanced rotor and stator combinations for the bestperformance.