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3G A130 Amp Standard Duty Large Case 3G Series High Output Alternator



ford 3G large case, small case comparison

The NEW! Quick Start Heavy Duty Large Case (left side of photo).Ford Motorcraft 3G type alternator for Ford family of vehicles andother adapted applications. Upgrade your small case (shown on right) 2Gand 3G Ford, Lincoln, Mercury internal regulator alternator to theLarge Case style alternator. If you are currently using your chargingsystem to it's max, then YOU MUST HAVE THIS ALTERNATOR! The 3G seriesalternator was mostly used from  1992-2000 with some vehicles such asthe E series van using the 3G up to 2010. If you are not sure if yourFord Family of vehicles has the 3G call 616-785-7990 and we can look you vehicle up in our application guide and tell you what series alternator you have.

You Can See the Difference...

3g small case vs large case

Offered in 130, 160, 200 and 250 amperage versions with many differentfront housing mounting configurations for a direct fit in your Fordfamily vehicle or adaptive fit to many vehicle types. We have helpedwith many Older Ford Vehicle upgrades and non-Ford adaptiveapplications such as Busses, Porsche's, Boats, and many others.

3g comparison

The large case alternator has many benefits over it's small casebrother. These include: greater mass & surface for less heat buildup, less current loss, higher amperage output when hot. Improved idleand slow speed output. Plus, the service duty and life increasessubstantially. MORE POWER, LESS HEAT PROBLEMS and GREATER RELIABILITY.